About Us

Letter from the President,

Integart’s primary mission is modernizing your traffic sign production process. Your decision will benefit almost all processes in your factory, as we guarantee complete satisfaction with our DRS manufacturing solution. We want you to be comfortable from the minute you start talking to us. Our sales team will make sure that you fully understand what goes into each system as well as what makes it so unique. We will be happy to explain the advantages DRS can bring to your existing set up. The team will also gladly discuss other options we provide; including software, printing, laminating, cutting application and any other components that go into our digital traffic sign fabrication system.

Our company is confident that once you see how we operate, you will also want to be our partner for supplies, accessories and components that you use for your business. We take such partnerships very seriously which is why we provide all of our clients with excellent quality service and workmanship through our Integart Customer Service Centre. Existing clients can seek help with questions related to operation or job setup on the phone, via e-mail or Skype.

We provide you with very advanced technology that conforms to EN and ASTM specifications. Our R&D team is focused on providing smooth and efficient fabrication of clear, highly reflective and bright traffic signage. This signage will be able to withstand harsh climate conditions and prolonged outdoor exposure. The tight integration of DRS ensures that you are getting a system that is specifically designed to work in your field while passing international standards and requirements. We continually develop our control systems, offering you upgrades to your firmware and software so that your system stays current with what we are shipping out of our factory doors.

Yours Sincerely,

SÅ‚awomir Kot-Zaniewski